The Anatomy of a Perfect Conference Proposal Pitch that Gets Accepted

Whether your speaker is handpicked or chosen from a call for proposals, someone will have to read that proposed speaker session’s title, description, and learning takeaways that will hopefully be compelling enough for the gatekeeper. Discover what works and what’s not optimal for proposal acceptance.

10 Rules for Strategic Meetings Management

Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) has gotten a lot of buzz the past few years and doesn’t seem to show any signs of slowing down. Here are 10 rules that will ensure your SMM program is a success

How to How To

My boss always laughs and says that I should name my first book, All My Circuses, All My Monkeys. Many days, I tend to agree with him. What I do for a living can look like a heck of a lot of fun, what with the travel and suspended world of events, but in reality,…

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Experience Design: Hospitality Edition

What is the best experience we can design for our participant? Like user experience design for software, with conventions and conferences, you really need to best understand how the end user will experience the event based on their already established common behaviors and patterns (ie Steve Jobs knew you didn’t really want to do three…

Jumping Off the Ledge

I’ve been at some great in person events this August, MPI’s #WEC14 in Minneapolis, ASAE’s Annual Meeting in Nashville, and closing it out with Collinson Media’s Connect Marketplace in Orlando. I’ve been a participant at all of them, and a hosted buyer in the ConnectMP expo, which is a nice change from running my own…