Events & Programs

It’s about creating opportunities and events that bring people together to learn, to share, to talk, to create…and then come back for more. Our work is about finding people experiences they can share together that evoke emotion, echo the past, and elicit excitement for the future. It’s about relationships.

8647598978_c93e10751e_oGeek Games
Conference receptions shouldn’t be the same old chicken, rice, and canned music. We stepped out of the box and created the original Geek Games in 2013, where we built our own dodgeball court, played Name That Beer, faced off in Ninja Karaoke, challenged participants in Caption That Meme, and declared winners in Lego Wars.




Perform 2014
From stagecraft to business skills, we produced an event for nearly 1,600 professional speakers. Gathered in San Diego for a four day event that featured Cirque de Soleil, Penn Jillette, Steve Forbes, Nancy Duarte, and highlighting some of today’s most prominent speaking names on the main stage and in our breakouts. While the weather prevented the skydivers, there never was a moment of let down or dull in the momentum.



TLATechnology Leadership Academy and Master Classes
Executive leadership development and training are an essential building block of creating a sustainable organization. Through the curriculum development through oversight of operations, administration, and governance, I worked with subject matter experts, sector leaders, committees, and board direction, to provide top of the class blended learning capacity building on an international scale. Current courses are over strategic technology planning and management, organizational development, change management, and data driven leadership.


program guide

NTEN National Technology Conference & Exhibit Show
The NTC is nonprofit technology’s leading, strategic place where executives, decision makers, and champions intersect. With record breaking attendance for the last four years, in 2013, I oversaw the management and delivery of the event, connecting the community with innovative learning and retaining a strong bottom line for our association. Oh, and the coolest part (aside from all the amazing speakers, community and tech?) we had puppies too!


ASCD Annual Conference & Exhibit Show
As the program manager for ASCD’s largest conference event, it’s was my pleasure to help throw a three day, content-filled, international professional development extravaganza that brings people from all around the globe together to learn, teach, and lead. During our contract with ASCD, the conference had record attendance, with registration numbers exceeding 10,000. We also managed featured speakers such as Sir Ken Robinson, Maya Angelou, Chip Heath, and Reed Timmons.


Arts in Education: I coordinated the exhibition of “A Call to Action-Building Tolerance for Immigration”, a collection of student arSamples from the AC12 Art Exhibitt that depicts an immigrant’s introduction to and experience in the United States from a child’s perspective through painting, drawing, photography, and other visual mediums. This exhibit showed for three days, with a viewing of nearly 9,000 people.




2011 Scholars ReceptionASCD Conference Scholars

Oversaw programmatic strategy, organization, financial oversight, and implementation of global learning initiative for select group of educators from seven countries. This professional learning community shared ideas on current trends in education, digital media, technology, and leadership.



Christmas Village:  This holiday event provides completely free entertainment, refreshment, haircuts, general store, and more to Payne County. It’s started out as the collaborative brainchild of the Perry FCC senior staff and board members, and it reaches more than 1,500 people over four nights each year. Beginning in 2006,  I oversaw the development and implementation of the entertainment, managed volunteers, and provided leadership support for overall programmatic logistics for the Village.  As one of the founding staff, I’m proud to say that this community event continues to this day, and has had nearly 5,000 unique visitors.

Cultural and Diversity Events: Oversaw and collaborated on programmatic strategy, organization, and implementation of five Community Relations Celebrations in Perry, OK; developed and implemented marketing and fundraising plans for the April 2012 Afternoon with the Arts with the Caddo County Arts Council; coordinated music programming for the Thanksgiving Community Service in Fairfax, VA; collaborated on arts and music activities for Native American Indian Fair Parade in Anadarko, OK.

Champs Camp: A weeklong camp for community children during spring break, sponsored by Perry FCC.  I helped recruit and lead fifty volunteer teachers to provide educational and recreational outreach through team building, athletics, and creative arts. I also supported the lead staffer in developing sponsorships from local businesses to provide scholarships to low-income children and donations for prizes.