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Delivery and Tone, or Why Sometimes It’s Okay to Say It That Way (But Always Pay Attention)

There have been a few articles floating around over the last couple weeks about things bosses shouldn’t say, 10 things bad bosses say, or even things you shouldn’t say to your boss. I’m torn about the advice these articles give. I don’t know that so much of it is you shouldn’t say them (although, some…


I’m an avid YA reader. Maybe I should keep it a dark secret since I’m well past the target age range, but given the popularity of recent series’ like the Hunger Games and Divergent, I feel like I can’t be alone. Also, you can only read so much about emotional intelligence and change management theory…


In a world that moves so quickly, many times the deliberate acts of introspection and observation are tough. We look to a greek myth and modern-day blogger to better understand why the debrief is important for your team and career.

“Thinkers need doers to get things done, and idealists need number crunchers to tether them to reality”

Brenda Synder,  the senior director of research at Forbes Insight, articulated a  thesis could not be more true. Whether you are involved in a large scale corporation, a small staff/volunteer driven non profit, or in a government/association bureaucracy, the five personalities that Ms Snyder lays out embodies what’s needed for success.  The article explores the…

Who wants Awesome?

Who wants Awesome?

I love how excited our staff gets about being a team. Check out my boss modeling the ties we have for the men this year at conference. Wearing a piece of the uniform, even if uniforms aren’t quite their things,is just another one of the pieces that shows everyone is banding together to put out a unified front and make this conference amazing.