Walk Your Talk

Do you walk your talk? I read a great blog post about how to better walk mine and got some tips to share.


Five Resolutions for 2015

Do you resolve to do things at the beginning of the new year? I usually start to formulate mine at the end of October because that’s the point where my to-do list becomes tediously overwhelming. It happened again this year about that time and I’ve been honing them. Here are my 5 things that I’ve got planned to execute in 2015.

“I am Still Learning”

The title quote of this post comes from the artist, Michaelangelo. It resonates so strongly with me, because even though I am a learning director, and someone who helps others learn and get better at their life and job stuff, I also have the opportunity to be surrounded by people who are so much smarter…

“Write Drunk, Edit Sober”

I’ve often said, the best and worst thing about having a blog is that it allows you to write. And to write about whatever you want. Not even a job for many of us, but an impetus that drives our thoughts from a jumble to a somewhat orderly sentence, you can run the gamut from…

It’s Messy Sometimes

Recently, because the weather has been muggy and warm, I finding myself wanting to fry things. I’m not sure why, it just seems right that fried chicken be part of the pool and patio experience (with melon and margaritas). At any rate, I don’t know if you’ve ever fried anything before, but it can get…

Careers v. Callings

There’s a weather man in my home state that Jesus comes second to. Being from the Bible Belt, that’s really saying something. But a man who predicted the unpredictability of tornados, hail, ice, lightning, sideways rain, and the kind of wind we Okies call a light breeze but could be considered hurricane force in other…


Searching for a new job can be an enigma. You’ve packaged yourself as a brand for a large, unknown audience. You’ve done quite a bit of research on each group you’re looking at, and you’ve got confidence in your knowledge, skills, and abilities. You might have even gone on a couple of interviews, but the…


In a world that moves so quickly, many times the deliberate acts of introspection and observation are tough. We look to a greek myth and modern-day blogger to better understand why the debrief is important for your team and career.