Smart Connections

Lots and lots of email is really what I’m reading as I continue to try and catch up from vacation, a work event, and a conference. That being said, it’s a wonderful time of year for sports, gossip, and politics. Here’s some smart connections for the end of the week.

Taking and Giving Constructive Criticism

A great event is one where the participant never sees the heavy lifting. We take the “helpful hints” mostly in stride (with only a little muttering under our breaths or loudly in the office where participants can’t see us) because we want that experience to be a good one for them. But it also makes it more inured and less tactful when offering constructive criticism ourselves. Here’s 3 things to remember when taking and giving constructive criticism.

Smart Connections

I‘m on an airplane headed to Miami for NSA’s 2015 CSP/CPAE Summit and then jetting north to Chi-Town (where it’s a balmy -11 degrees) for PCMA Convening Leaders. Lots of learning and networking is in my future. Not a bad way at all to start the year off right. Here’s what I’m reading this week.…

Five Resolutions for 2015

Do you resolve to do things at the beginning of the new year? I usually start to formulate mine at the end of October because that’s the point where my to-do list becomes tediously overwhelming. It happened again this year about that time and I’ve been honing them. Here are my 5 things that I’ve got planned to execute in 2015.

Smart Connections

I’ve just returned from the LA Small Business Expo and wow, did they have some great exhibitors! All of the amazing conversations got me thinking about connections and how we make, keep, and sustain them. From my email and online correspondence, it seems I’m not the only one sussing out what it means to identifying how to make a relationship stick

Smart Connections

PCMA Convene outlines the things that scare event professionals the most (always the sacred zombie cows, always) #NYC loves Taylor Swift. It’s time you just give in and love her too Facebook adds trending topics, and once again you will need to update your smart phone app, figure out your new profile. and help your confused grandmother…

“I am Still Learning”

The title quote of this post comes from the artist, Michaelangelo. It resonates so strongly with me, because even though I am a learning director, and someone who helps others learn and get better at their life and job stuff, I also have the opportunity to be surrounded by people who are so much smarter…