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Since 2001, redlmb management solutions has been creating smart connections for your business, non-profit, or association’s events, education, and experiences. We’re not just another consultancy or production house. We like to think of ourselves ever ready for you to call on us with your personalized need (something like the bat signal, if you will)

Connections to us mean meetings, events, conventions, engagement, snackable content, education, conferences, workshops, online chats, technology, partnerships, trade shows, marketing, sponsors, exhibitors, operations, and much much more. We love them all (and then some) and they keep us up at night as we ponder what new ways we can uncover to make them sizzle and social. (We might also have an Oklahoma State obsession, and we’re sorry not sorry about being on #TeamTaySwift.)

Our founders, Levi and Lindsay, think it’s incredibly important to talk face to face, even if that face to face is through the computer. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. And since we’ll never be as cool as former President Clinton and President Bush, we’ll fully admit to our Pinterest addiction.

We also have a partnership with 40acre Studios and a variety of other amazing artists who write, copy-edit, video, strategize, design, and create so that when you make the decision to go with redlmb management solutions, you get more than expertise. You get a team that’s committed to your success story.

We are lifelong learners, writers, listeners, collaborators, facilitators. We want to find out what drives you. Contact us today and learn more about how we can create smart connections together. 

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