Smart Connections

Lots and lots of email is really what I’m reading as I continue to try and catch up from vacation, a work event, and a conference. That being said, it’s a wonderful time of year for sports, gossip, and politics. Here’s what I’m reading this week.

superbowlMy team got beat, and even though I’m sad, I’m finding lots to read about the Super Bowl, like say, a cheating scandal?

The State of the Union is always one of the highlights of my year. This year was no exception as President Obama finally took the gloves off and officially kicked off primary season (hey there mic drop!). I’m re-reading the transcript, because, well, I’m cool like that and because I was very distracted by Speaker Boehner’s suntan and #SOTU faces.

Are you going to see 50 Shades of Grey? I couldn’t make it more than 5 pages into the book but they’re promising the movie will be better. This week alone, there’s been a Vogue article, a Variety article, and so many gossip blog mentions. Truth is, I’m excited that there is now an adult version we can add to the Twilight drinking game.

TLC, Nelly, and New Kids on the Block just announced their new tour. #YepGonnaBuyTickets #Throwback

I have a new Arrow addiction that is getting delightfully fed through both my Twitter and ESPN feeds. #GoCowboys #PoorErinAndrews #TeamCanary #WorkItKatieCassidy

And Biz Bash finishes my week out with an idea that I desperately want to bring to my next trade show. Clue anyone?


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