Smart Connections

Ievents‘m on an airplane headed to Miami for NSA’s 2015 CSP/CPAE Summit and then jetting north to Chi-Town (where it’s a balmy -11 degrees) for PCMA Convening Leaders. Lots of learning and networking is in my future. Not a bad way at all to start the year off right. Here’s what I’m reading this week.

Associations Now takes a look at the new skill sets needed for Association Communication Specialists (and isn’t that all of us?)

Apple is telling me that I should probably buy another computer since I won’t buy their newest phone. And I probably will (the first step is admitting you have a problem) #MacBookAir

PCMA takes a look at 4 trends that will shape hotels (and their pricing) in 2015.

It’s budget time at our office and I’m planning to go to CES 2016. Could the press releases and Instagram pics get any cooler? You know you want to see the flying cars too! #MartyMcFlyHadItRight #BackToTheFuture

Getting to hang out with meeting planners, hoteliers, and learning directors always make me happy. Getting to hang out with them as we discuss the new Marriott wifi lawsuit and FCC issues? Priceless.

Sometimes we forget that speakers are also business owners. Sandi Smith Leyva, upcoming NSA Influence 2015 speaker, examines over at Speaker Magazine what the 5 biggest money risks that speakers need to be aware of.

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