Five Resolutions for 2015

Do you resolve to do things at the beginning of the new year? I usually start to formulate mine at the end of October because that’s the point where my to-do list becomes tediously overwhelming. It happened again this year about that time and I’ve been honing them. Here are my 5 things that I’ve got planned to execute in 2015.

1) Be more present and limit screen time

I went dark with my blog mid-November 2014 through today to jump start this resolution, which is really focused on less screen time on both my computer and my iPhone. The lack of blogging was a nice break that really allowed me to be better present in my daily life because I wasn’t trying to force blog content. It also helped me formulate several posts that I am now refreshed to write.

My mobile turn off officially began during my two week vacation in December, but it hasn’t been quite as successful. I’d like to say that my husband and family now (kind of) believe me when I say that I can turn it off, but that means we have to vacation in wi-fi and cell tower free locations.

Mashable had a great feature on a mobile time tracking app called Moment that I’m trying out. So far, it’s completely terrifying. I’d love to hear what you try.

2) Apply to go back to school

This has really moved up in my priority list. After I graduated from college, I had an inkling of what I wanted from professional school. However, every time that I started to write the application essays, I had the worst time clarifying what I wanted. Eleven years later, I not only know what I want, I’ve also got prompts and verbiage for multiple professional schools to see which one is the right fit as well as an idea around what geographic region we want to finally settle in.

I’ve also had the opportunity to help get a better plan for what we would do as a family, both logistically and financially, if I have to limit my professional positions. Nerd alert though, I’ve also decided that I want to learn French, so I’m sorry in advance for what will probably be a google translator experience for any readers as I pepper potential posts with french slang)

3) Hire a project manager
CJ Clegg gif: come at me bro

I’ve been working on delegating for a long time now. I’m still not as good as it as I would like but this last year has really helped me realize that I need a traffic manager. Making that last leap from operations to strategy has been challenging, especially in a smaller firm environment. I’m thrilled to be letting go of a little bit more of day to day operational control to push myself further in my strategic thought.

4) Focus on family
I am the type of personality that would work 120 hours a week if my husband would tolerate it. I come from a big family that fortunately loves me no matter what. However, that latitude can sometimes backfire on them and me because I will over-commit to work relying on the safety net of “my family loves me always”. That’s not fair to my husband who has really stepped up and taken on more than ever the child-care over this last year, my larger extended family who thankfully ignore my phone calls at family functions, and my personal plans for what does my family look like long term. You only get so much time, it’s silly to spend it all at work.

5) Go one new place for fun

Picture of passport and world

I get to travel a lot for my job and that’s super exciting. However, it’s more fun when I don’t have to spend the entire visit in a conference center or hotel. I want to go one new place that I’ve never been before and continue keeping my horizons expanded.

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