#30DaysOfThanks: What No One Tells You About Events

Day 13: thankful for my career, it’s amazing, challenging, vivid, & life-changing #eventprofs

tumblr_m2pme9aj791rru5alo1_500What no one tells you about the events and hospitality industry is that it can be so hard, BUT it is incredibly worth it. Looks like PCMA thinks so too, even with their recent article on why being a meeting planner ruins you for other parts of life  (my meeting planner and I totally agree we’re both NPH-When someone you like is making a mistake with their event, but you shouldn’t get involved…so instead you can’t help but judge, bless their hearts)

The lack of sleep, the time away from family, the crazy committee calls, the price of coffee (well, maybe not that one…)  I say it all the time that the Serenity Prayer isn’t only for those in substance recovery. It’s meant for event professionals too. We encounter the craziest things and we have to keep a sense of humor about it because, really, you talk about quitting, but I know I couldn’t quit and I don’t think you really could either.

I’ve been doing the #30DaysofThankfulness on social media and got the special opportunity today to be thankful in person with colleagues who share my calling. We had a local chapter meeting for Meeting Planners International (MPI). The International Chairman of the Board, Kevin Kirby spoke on the state of our industry and shared some amazing statistics around how meetings mean business. Did you know that the hospitality industry is #5 in the overall financial contributor to global GDP, with a total spend of $280 billion? Your job means amazing business and results, and if you think for an instant, you don’t change lives, check out the latest video produced by MPI HQ.

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