3 Tips to Getting Smart with Social

img via msnbc.com

img via msnbc.com

Strategic experiences mean more than just programming and logistics; you also need to get smart with your social (and if former Presidents Clinton and Bush are doing it, let’s face it, it’s time.)

Online connections and engagement is now a vital part of and well-traveled two way street, with lots of options for detours for your participants to wander on to. A savvy strategist must use and direct social media to enhance the events and experiences you’re designing and executing. But what are the right channels for you to choose?

Here are 3 tips to getting smart with social:

1) Choose and own the channels that fit best for your brand, business, or event
Choose means id’ing the channels you want. Own means being an active participant. These two simple sentences apply whether you’re using social for a one-off event, small business, or large strategic meetings management.

There’s a lot of choices out there, but you don’t need them all. Choose the mix that makes the most sense. My brand relies on words and pictures, and I have a tendency to talk/write in quips and snark. This makes Twitter and Instagram, with my website as my base hub a great fit for me. And while I have a LinkedIn and Facebook page, they are largely informational rather than conversational as I continue to analyze outcomes and figure out the direction I want to take. They might not work for you or they might all work. Or something else entirely might be the best fit (except MySpace, trust me). Test different channels out and see what resonates best with your voice.

The same speech teacher who taught me the mini-skirt rule, also advocated the KISS rule: Keep It Simple Stupid. Now, while he didn’t use his kind words, he did make a very good point. Smart social is not overly complex. You do need a good strategy to ensure that your messaging is brand consistent across all of your channels, but much of the time, you end up having an amazing mushroom thread or help solve problems. Social is another great way to connect. It doesn’t need to more than that if that’s all it needs to be for your business or project.

3) Snackable content is usually viral content
As a general rule of thumb, audiences under 40 have short attention spans, and social is driving much of the dwindle. There’s a reason you can only use 140 characters on Twitter, and that you can’t create longer than a 90 second Vine or Instagram video.  And while we will read or watch long form, we greatly prefer to consume content in quick, accessible bites, usually with pictures and humor.  Check out Media is Power’s great tips on how to chunk up your content for optimized opportunities to go viral.

Getting smart with social is easy. And the best part, you should start to see immediate ROI and interaction as you work towards your larger social media goals.

Want more? Check out these great resources to get more tips on how to make your social sizzle

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