Smart Connections

IMG_6260I’ve just returned from the LA Small Business Expo and wow, did they have some great exhibitors! All of the amazing conversations got me thinking about connections and how we make, keep, and sustain them. From my email and online correspondence, it seems I’m not the only one sussing out what it means to identify how to make a relationship stick

Spear Marketing gives you 10 great tips for a successful trade show follow-up campaign

Starwood hotels wants to keep me all swoony with their cool tech that allows me to check in with my iPhone

Who you partner with matters.¬†Harvard is backing your mama, who wasn’t kidding when she said it’s for better or for worse

All meetings should mean business. Get tips on how to hold one without wasting people’s time

The internet streaming race continues with Amazon’s answer that won’t cost us any additional dollars

As we head into the US presidential primary season, it can only mean good things for the economy. Looks like exhibitors and sponsors are hoping too, as nearly 63% are spending more on booth space

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