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As I was scanning my LinkedIn feed this morning, an article by Jon Steinberg popped up, titled “The Most Frustrating Email in the World.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but he had my attention.

So I clicked and discovered a fascinating new tool in the process: Confide. This tool allows you to have those private conversations, such as the one referenced in the Steinberg article, where you need to say something about problem client, or employee, or reference that that maybe you don’t want recorded for posterity, so you say, I’ll call you and then play phone tag. With Confide, you might not have too. You can send the message and then once it’s read, it’s gone.

Confide is a being called, “Snapchat for Business” as per a February 2014 Forbes article. The article goes on to state that the start up has raised nearly $2 million in seed money so far and is still gaining steam. For those of you who don’t know what Snapchat is, it’s like a burnable Instagram, where you take a photo or a text message, allow someone to read it, and then it disappears. Now, imagine an email system like that…

Confide’s mission is to allow those “off-the-record conversations [that] happen all the time in the offline world. They are better known as phone calls, meetings, or chats over coffee. They allow you to be honest and genuine without worrying that every word is being archived. BUT, what you say online remains forever. We think this is crazy. With end-to-end encryption and disappearing messages, Confide is bringing off-the-record conversations online. We allow you to say digitally what you’re willing to say in person, but have been hesitant to do so.”

As our world gets more global and remote offices become more popular, having a tool like this could be invaluable for the times your executive team or board just can’t find time to connect on sensitive issues. And for human resources professionals, this tool could be also be boon for the intra-office messaging systems that allows other employees to connect (think Skype or Google Chat) but they, by the very sensitive nature of their work can’t quickly message out.  As the whole idea for this tool came about when two of the creators were trying to trade a reference for a potential hire and realized after weeks of phone tag, there had to be a better way. The ideas has real potential, although I haven’t been able to find any HR articles specifically around how this tool might be used yet. Techcrunch says that this news way of backchannel messaging is gaining steam as well with enterprise companies and you can see the social proof with logos from Bloomberg, CNBC, Adweek, Mashable, and the Washington Post prominently displayed on their website.

Would you use Confide? You can try it for free for your Apple or Android device with a free download from the website.

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