It’s Messy Sometimes

Recently, because the weather has been muggy and warm, I finding myself wanting to fry things. I’m not sure why, it just seems right that fried chicken be part of the pool and patio experience (with melon and margaritas).

At any rate, I don’t know if you’ve ever fried anything before, but it can get kind of messy. And then when you get through all of the steps of the messy making, it can be messy to eat. Both sides of the equation can involve a lot of planning.¬†Both sides of the equation can involve a lot of prep. Both sides can be lots of things you didn’t anticipate (when you eat the chicken from someone else’s recipe and it just tastes weird or you realize you forgot something or you added something new, you get the idea)

But it’s totally worth it. Especially when you get the fry just right.

But what about when you don’t get the fry just right? What if you prepped like you thought you should, had the oil at exactly the right temperature, but then you burned the ever living daylights of the chicken? Or set the smoke alarm off because something wasn’t cleaned right. Or it rained when you finally got the table set and you went out to eat?

Some of these things you can control, some of these things you can’t. And you always learn something (like it actually does rain in the desert or using more than one kind of thinking and research to solve a problem is good to do)

The point is, it’s messy sometimes. And that has to be okay otherwise you’ll paralyze yourself from moving forward, taking chances, or looking at other ideas.

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