Searching for a new job can be an enigma. You’ve packaged yourself as a brand for a large, unknown audience. You’ve done quite a bit of research on each group you’re looking at, and you’ve got confidence in your knowledge, skills, and abilities. You might have even gone on a couple of interviews, but the anticipated feedback (hello, we’d like to offer you a position) hasn’t been as forthcoming as you want. What do you need to do?

Engage. Adapt. Update. Strengthen. (See, for a second there, you thought I was going to sell you some shoes or vitamin water, non?)

Seriously though, what’s the next step? You need to pivot. In marketing, this means more clearly targeting and then adjusting your message to speak with and more directly to your audience. I recently came across an article, 17 Pivot Points for Social Media Success, from several agency industry experts talking about the importance of how you message to Millenials.  Really though, it’s applicable for a wide, generational audience. Additionally, it carries important messages for traditional media AND job hunters. 

For some, this means having a clearer positioning statement. Just like you’d position a product or project in a SOW, tell the hiring manager or company checking you out, whether it’s your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn account, Facebook, Twitter, etc., why you (the product) are the one thing (in a group of many others they’re undoubtedly looking at) that provides their clients and customers with that one key benefit (your rock star relationship skills, amazing arranger outlook, courageous copywriting, and so on). 

Then supplement it with your targeted work experience that gives the agency or organization those reasons that they can’t walk away from you. 

For others, it’s building your network. Especially if you’re dropping into a new market, go to the social media channels and follow those having the conversations. Go to traditional media, read the press releases and make note of names that are movers and shakers. Then go to networking events and strike up conversations. And hand out cards like candy, leading them to your website (you’ve got one, right?) that will feature prominently your personal positioning statement and supplements about what a rock star you are. 

And then you have to wait. Which, yes, I agree is the absolute worst part. You’ll get something soon though. In the meantime, go volunteer or intern. Take a class. Continue to strengthen yourself and the perfect position will find you like kismet. 

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