Just as Mashable facebooks me an infographic telling me that the Internet is ruining my brain, I get an article from SmartBrief  saying that student engagement can be increased through the Internet.  Emails from colleagues about the way the social media is ruining our lives, and yet building international revolutions and communities cross paths to my inbox. Technology can bridge gaps, create flexible work/life balance, save the environment, and stop speeding bullets.

Wait…wrong superhero. Well, maybe it can stop bullets. My Twitter feed just announced that Rick Santorum is suspending his presidential campaign. Personally speaking, that’s a bullet dodged, but I digress.

Our brains have been re-wired for the twenty-four hour news cycle; promulgated through tweets, tumblr accounts (have you seen Beyonce’s, it’s addictive), and the status update. We find the next big thing on YouTube, dancing with a cat and his grandmother’s old 45. We promote the marketing mix and struggle to bridge the generational gap for our clients and customers through multiple channels that even five years ago, we wouldn’t have imagined.

I’ll admit, I’m obsessed with technology. I have two blogs, a Facebook account, a LinkedIn account, I tweet, I’m a member of several online networking groups, I work with customers through multiple digital tools, and that’s just what you can see about me from a basic Google search. I own several Apple and PC products, devour news related to integrated marketing, work on web design for fun, and have even taken to teaching others in my immediate circle that are a touch older than I am, how to use the tech tools I’ve purchased for them, made more necessary since our move to the West Coast. Facetime and Tango are essential to talk to Nana and Papa.

Since I’ve had children, I’ve tried to make it a priority to put my iPhone/iPad down for set periods of time so that the screen doesn’t affect quality time. Inevitably though, my two year old asks if we can play with the iPad, and then sits down to school me on how to use the newest apps.

Is technology going to change the world? I think it already has. I’m not only the only one with the obsession. No, now, I think it’s time for society to understand the way it responds, uses, and teaches technology. I’m not saying regulate it, but I am saying we could use the data we’re now surrounded with on technology and really dig down to see how it is coloring our conversations and controlling our impulses. I’m a marketer at heart. I sell brands, ideas, and creations. Think of the possibilities of advertising and consumer outreach that we’ve only begun to realize, the opportunities to inform audiences previously untouched?

Oh the possibilities. That might just be my new obsession.

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