Cities have distinctive, complex personalities. When I lived in DC metro area, the different facets of its personality were sharply defined by metro routes and rivers. You could feel the vibe of the neighborhood you traveled from red, to yellow, and green line. New York is punctuated by sirens, high rises, and the boroughs. You feel the character shift as you pound the pavement and watch the food trucks. LA is encompassed by its smog and pretty surfaces; you feel it almost as soon as you step off the plane that still waters run deeper than the city’s citizens would like you to explore.

This is my second trip to Philly, arriving once by train and once by plane. I greatly prefer the train. The city is decorated with its urban graffiti art cloistered together with buildings that our country is built on. DC with its historic tributes and museums is almost a sanitized version of Philly. You want to reach and embrace the realism here. But you don’t see the graffiti from the airplane.

The city is alive with love for the conference. I can’t wait to see the building and how the look and feel turned out. Ultra modern with granite as marble. Pictures soon!

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