Working together, we can do anything

A group that works seamlessly, at a tireless rate, is an invaluable resource. My conference team touches a large, diverse audience that can be somewhat challenging to talk to. Prospective attendees are not always past attendees; our market research shows that nearly 60% of new attendees are first timers, but we want also want to bring everyone who’s come to our party back again. As such we’ve created a deep, differentiated, yet integrated strategy that aligns the messaging based on where that prospective attendee’ s interests and learning level fall.┬áIt’s a lot of work and like they always say, the devil’s in the details. Luckily, my team…these folks are all committed 110% and work hard to know our strategies inside and out.

This morning, we had three issues that could have been very large but because of the excellent, quick responses made possible by our planning and processes, they were no more than blips on the screen that were reported as successes with solutions, rather than fires I had to put out.

Ignoring the weird bus, the rest of this is totally our team and I love it.


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