Working Girl — in celebration of Friday

My job is actually a lot of fun most of the time. People are always willing to share feedback for how we can improve our events and programs, and I’m involved deeply in collaboration with literally everyone in not only our organization but also people who are prospectively considering joining us. However, as the project manager, I’m the one our clients (who are both internal staff and external presenters, volunteers, attendees, etc.) also talk to when there is an issue or they’re upset.

Currently, I’m hearing a lot of the upset. A large portion of August and September is typically spent telling people either 1) they have not been accepted to present or 2) the reasons why they weren’t accepted. And they ALWAYS try to tell me what’s wrong with our system, our panel, our reasoning, and our conference.

And they’re upset. I get it. That being said…I really want to stop answering the phone and my email box, but I know that really what most of these people really want is just to know that they’ve been heard. And for that, how can I really stop communicating with them? What they learn from my feedback this year might help them next year.

As project managers, we must weigh and manage risk, uncertainty, chemistry, and time, but we must also always remember that relationships, however quirky, are at the heart of what makes our programs and projects successful. Apropos of this, HBO was showing Working Girl last night. I love this movie for several reasons. The hair, Harrison Ford, Melanie Griffith’s chutzpah, Sigourney Weaver and her portrayal of that bitchy boss we’ve all encountered, the hair, a Baldwin brother and oh! the hair!!

So now, in response to  the ringing phone, the disgruntled masses and in celebration of Friday…a movie montage

Best movie takeaway? Joan Cusack’s awesome hair. My husband kept talking about how he thought it was growing in height during the movie

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