Feedback is the way of the Future

One of my favorite twitter streams is #edchat. The people and collective knowledge that communicate through this hashtag is simple astounding. Each day, I find new voices that demonstrate practical points, direct me toward usable content, and provide an outlet for thought-provoking dialogue. One of the new voices I found this morning is @mbcampbell360, or Matthew Campbell, an educator from Ontario. His blog post is about student and teacher feedback and how the process should be a two-way conversation, complete with feedback templates. Feedback: It’s a Two Way Street You Know.

Conversations about feedback are very important in today’s marketplace. Generation Y and eXcel crave it; they simply must have the constant constructive criticism that feedback provides. Dan Erwin, a great blogger I found because of his fantastic “17 Sure Fire Ways Not to Suck at Life” List (you’ll see them to the left of your screen when you visit his blog), reinforces this idea and talks about the two types of typical feedback found in the work place today, Evaluative and Developmental Feedback,  and how important is to concentrate on providing the latter. He also has a really great white paper on the topic.

Productive and useful feedback creates productive and useful people. But, we all encountered managers who are unclear as to what true feedback should sound like. It should never be about blame; it should always offer a higher goal to work towards. As the workplace continues to changes, recognizing that we must implement this kind of dialogue from the very beginning in our schools will be a crucial turning point in creating a strong, functional and profitable organizational structure, no matter where you work.

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