Ticking time bombs…

Ugh, I hate reading articles like the one Kaiser Health News featured today about Medicaid and the precarious state budgets attached to it, Medicaid’s Ticking Time Bomb Could Wipe Out State Budget. Like it’s anything new that these aid programs could bankrupt the states. Long term care and disability are two programs alone that could easily eat up the same amount of money being spent in Afghanistan and probably grab some to grow on, and those are only two of the programs that Medicaid supports. The entire program is one that makes me feel frustrated, but it’s a necessary program. It was designed to provide a safety net to our youngest and oldest, and that’s something that neither side of the aisle should forget. Compassion and mercy aren’t necessarily what’s going to get you headlines on CNN or Fox News, but the long term effects can change and save lives. Isn’t that more important?

Oddly, being separated from the healthcare debate as I’ve traded one government-funded project for another (hooray education!),  it was still difficult to watch as Congress and the White House tugged the appropriation rope back and forth. Even with the passing of such a monumental bill, there are still gaps left behind in the healthcare front. I leave you with this ominous statement ““States shouldn’t wait for the crisis to hit, given how clear it is what’s coming,” says Robert Campbell, government analyst with Deloitte. The authors of the study conclude, “[This] is one of the most urgent health care problems for most states. Failure to innovate with medical and administrative management initiatives will likely result in increasing costs, voter discontent, poor quality and fiscal challenges.””