Front Page in a Tea Party World

I love the New York Times. The Grey Lady and I go way back, dating back to when I discovered in middle school that the news we got from our home town pages, lovingly nicknamed the Daily Disappointment, was likely not my best resource for honest and up to date reporting. Well, that and the realization that the liberal media was definitely not biasing my dose of today’s headlines. I love the outrageous opinion columns, the food columns, politics (world and domestic), the economic and financial columns, and  Maureen Dowd (well, okay maybe not that last one but she’s fun to read). I love that no matter where I am, I’ll likely be able to find a copy and get my dose of the left, because if I need to hear from that right, Rupert Murdoch has kindly purchased most of the other newspapers available for me to peruse instead.

But the Grey Lady has pretty much consistently given me good headlines, especially during midterms when the GOP has had a pretty proven past of taking back what the Dems can’t quite always hold on to.

Until today…the leads were (drumroll please…)

  • Jeb Bush defends the family name
  • South Carolina GOP Gubernatorial Hopeful Nikki Haley looks like she has it in the bag
  • Obama lets McChrystal Do the Talking
  • BP Executive to take over Spill Response (my personal fave)
  • Say what? Did that crazy lunatic that runs the Washington Times knock off the Sulzberger family while I was sleeping last night?

    Now, I know you say that media should be objective, but seriously folks, who really believes that? It’s like saying Fox News is truly fair and unbiased. The NY Times has got a left bent and the readers depend on that. We like to know that despite the growing mob mentality around us in the rest of the country, we can pretend for a while as we read Nicholas Kristol’s lastest condemnation of North Korea that we’re the majority.

    I think I need another cup of coffee. I’m going to let the front page sit a while, come back and refresh it. Hopefully the World Cup will have erased Jeb’s face or at least knocked him down below the fold.

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